iPhone 5 vs. DSLR Cameras

The release of the iPhone 5 has the tech world in a tizzy and iPhoneography¬†enthusiasts lining up to get their paws on the latest Apple device. The whirlwind of excitement has many photographers debating the quality of the phone’s tiny camera, some citing that the iPhone 5 is a great novelty act but no comparison to its DSLR counterpart. Staying true to form, the Internet has already been flooded with side by side comparisons. The following video, which compares the iPhone 5 to multiple DSLRs, stands out from the crowd in part by its cheeky humor, and partly by its sometimes brutal honesty. Please be advised it contains offensive language. Take a look here:

Just one of the many situational comparisons:

camera comparison

“The end consumer of photography isn’t other photographers, it’s the general public that sees pictures, sees advertising, and has to be moved by those images.”

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3 responses to “iPhone 5 vs. DSLR Cameras”

  1. Glen says:

    The iPhone like every other phone with a camera is a phone with a toy but it is still primarily a phone. Owned by 99% happy snappers not real photographers.
    Yes our world consists of high tech instant news which is not photography its a capture of the moment edited by a device and flashed around the world.
    My opinion of photography is about passion, forethought, planning, creativity and editing to create your master piece. So a DSLR or old SLR is the masters tool to creating each master piece. This also is achieved in RAW its your film to develop not some device throwing out half developed jpeg information snapshots.

  2. ccting says:

    Well, in future dslr and phone will be built into eye glasses,, …. ;D

  3. Chris. says:

    @Glen–No real photographers own iPhones? Somehow I think your photography snob indignation has gotten in the way of your sense.

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