iPhone 5 Pro Photographer Challenge

What happens when you give a professional photojournalist an iPhone 5 and three minutes to take as many photos as he can in a bustling Chinese city? That’s what the folks at DigitalRev were wondering, too. They equipped pro cameramen Dan Chung and Scott Hui with the new devices and set them loose. Chung was asked to capture the stills while Hui followed closely to capture the excitement using the iPhone’s video capabilities:

The time restraints clearly flustered Chung, and he later told the camera that these weren’t his ideal shooting conditions. He’d much rather take his time and wait for shots to happen and spend more time composing them. That being said, Chung’s experience helped him fire off some pretty great shots. Here is one of a few photos Chung captured using the iPhone 5. Clearly the work of someone with an eye for photography.

iphone 5 camera

One especially interesting aspect of Chung’s technique  was his ability to aggressively pursue a shot without intruding or making his unsuspecting subjects feel as though he had crossed a line, despite the fact that he often took it upon himself to go behind the counters of food vendors or just walk right in on a patient as a doctor performed his examination. This characteristic is truly the mark of a professional and the video goes to show that the equipment certainly doesn’t make the photographer.

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