Inversion Immersion: An Amazing Portland Fog-lapse

Few photographers would argue that there’s a huge luck component to getting an awesome shot. A lot depends on being at the right place, at the right time, and with the right equipment and skill. Lucky for 19-year-old student Andrew Studer, his trip to get a few sunset shots ended with capturing an awesome Portland weather event:

Shot entirely in one day, “Inversion Immersion” shows what happens when a cool layer of air moves in beneath a warmer layer, bringing in waves of rolling fog. Studer had gone up to Portland, Oregon’s Pittock Mansion just to film the sunset. Little did he know that the unexpected inversion would be so spectacular; his brief excursion turned into an all-night fog-lapse:

“I showed up in the evening expecting to stay for thirty minutes or so, ended up staying till morning with a two hour nap at a friend’s.”

Portland Fog Timelapse

What are some of your luckier photographic moments?

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