Interview with a Russian Daredevil Skywalking Photographer

How far would you go for a unique cityscape shot? Would you dangle from the tallest building in Europe with only one hand? Because Russian photographer Kirill Oreshkin would—and has, several times. If you’ve ever wanted to watch him in action whilst holding your breath and wiping your own palms free of sweat, watch this video:

This is a very bizarre Russian trend. (And, appreciating the differences between Russia and Ukraine, also a Ukrainian one.) We’re reminded of the Russian photographers who illegally climbed the tallest building in Shanghai a while back, and also the Russian “skywalking trend” from last year.


Oreshkin is known as “Russia’s Spiderman” for his preternaturally magnetic ability to not fall to his bloody death every time he does something like this:


We’ll say this much: it’s more than what most photographers would do for a good shot.

“In the beginning, I was afraid of heights. I was even afraid to approach the edge of the building, let alone hang off of it. But now, that fear is gone. It came with experience. … Now I can do things I couldn’t do before. It’s no longer about overcoming myself; I just really like doing it.”

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