Interesting Album of Once in a Lifetime Photographs

So much of photography is waiting for just the right time. The split second when lightning strikes, a bubble bursts, or a predator leaps for its prey. Catching these dramatic moments on camera depends on many factors coming together and on being in the right place at the right time. The lucky photographers who took these shots thought quickly and clicked their shutters at the perfect moments:

Good things come to those who wait. Being prepared and patient could be your key to capturing once in a lifetime photographs.

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8 responses to “Interesting Album of Once in a Lifetime Photographs”

  1. I saw number 11 about a year or two ago and read it was a stitched image taken down in Australia.

  2. CalTek says:

    Nice shots. Probably my shot of a lifetime would have to be my “Fly Me to the Moon” shot. Waiting over 2 hours for the perfect timing and things to line up —

  3. Kevin Prichard says:

    None of these are attributed or captioned? Were royalties paid, or are they public domain?

    And the original slide show isn’t mentioned in the article text – lazy reporting, for a photography site.

    Apparently Picture Correct preaches copyright but doesn’t respect it?

  4. R'laine says:

    I agree with Matt about photo 11, it looks stitched, the beach in the foreground has too much of a curve to it to be anything else. How do I know? Because I’ve done that myself with photos I’ve taken, the horizon stays nice and straight but the foreground has a curve to it if both photos have been taken from the same spot.

  5. Ken Mason says:

    Find out if there public domain before you open your mouth to condemn.

  6. Kevin Prichard says:

    Isn’t that what, and all other publishers, are supposed to do before publishing a photograph?

    I look forward to hearing the expert’s reply once again.

  7. Kevin Prichard says:

    The first photo is easy. It’s by Shawn Heinrichs, and you can see the original has his copyright intact-

    The version shown here on is cropped – easy to guess that that was to delete Shawn’s copyright.

  8. Kevin Prichard says:

    The jet pilot ejection-parachute photo, that’s by Ian Martens of the Lethbridge Herald and Canadian Press.

    I can guaran-fucking-tee you that the Herald, and any other newspaper, will not make their images public domain. Not while they can make money licensing them.

    How do you think photographers get paid?

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