Instant Cure for Photography Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Photography duo Tony and Chelsea Northrup generally spend their time reviewing camera gear and producing video tutorials. The two are professionals when it comes to entertaining an audience. As is evident in their latest viral video, the two have learned to laugh at themselves through their experiences as internet personalities:

No doubt inspired by conversations with photographers from around the world, the Northrups have made an effort to call attention to “Gear Acquisition Syndrome.” If you’ve fumbled with heavy camera bags or have felt the need to compulsively upgrade, chances are you’re all too familiar with the condition. Promising a cure for insecure artists and a safeguard against heavy spenders, it’s hard not to laugh at the clever gags Tony and Chelsea bring to light.

Tony Northrup Noventus advertisement

GAS impacts countless working photographers of all demographics. Don’t let it control your life – check out the team’s brief infomercial and get a slice of sarcastic perspective today!

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