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I’ve written here a lot about the different types of photography—the differences between them and between the photographers who specialize in certain techniques. I can’t ignore one of the most widespread types of photography, which can best be described in one word: Instagram. In the video below, ConnorFranta, a popular Instagrammer, describes what makes a perfect Instagram photo:

As one of the most popular users on the famous photo sharing site, Connor shares some tips that made him famous:

  1. Use whatever camera you have with you. Whether it’s a professional DSLR or your phone, it’s naturally important that you have it with you at all times. Instagram moments happen all the time, wherever life takes you.
  2. Get creative with your shots. Approach the same everyday things from different angles, different positions related to your subject. Be as imaginative as you can!
  3. Look for depth, symmetry, color, or contrast. These are things that make a photo stand out from the rest!
  4. If you take photos using your phone, use apps to post-process and improve their look! If you’re using an iPhone, here’s what you can use to improve your camera right on your phone: VSCO Cam, Afterlight, SKRWT, or Facetune.
  5. Use your imagination and the apps’ settings to make your photo eye-catching.
perfect instagram photo guide

Connor used these tips first hand to gain millions of followers on Instagram.

What do you think about Connor’s advice? Which apps do you usually use when posting photos on social media?

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