Instagram Bikerlapse Takes Us Through Melbourne on Two Wheels

Cell phones may never quite equal DSLRs in form and function, but these days there are some super cool apps that can make shooting with a smartphone well worth the experience. Check out this video by timelapse photographer Nathan Kaso, in which he uses the new Instagram Hyperlapse iPhone app while taking a bike cruise through Melbourne, Australia:

Hyperlapse is a timelapse photography technique where the position of the camera is not only moved between each exposure, it’s also moved over long distances. Filming while moving is tricky in the best of times, but filming from a bike while navigating through people and various obstacles seems like it would be a motion blur nightmare. According to Nathan, this new app has amazing image stabilization technology and what you see in the video is exactly as he filmed it. He created the entire video with one hand steering the bike and one hand holding the camera, and absolutely no post-processing stabilization or effects.

The only real issue with the app is its low-resolution results. Once the shooting sequence is complete, the app then saves it to your phone, then you can copy it to your computer. Nathan used Image Capture to get the video onto his Mac and Premiere Pro to edit the film.

Hyperlapse in Melbourne

So while your smartphone camera won’t be replacing your DSLR any time soon, today’s technology is making phone cameras more and more worthwhile.

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