Insights of a Pro Photographer: Pushing the Limits

As much as we tend to romanticize being a professional photographer, getting paid to travel, and doing what we love to do all the time, the truth is it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The hours are long, the risks are sometimes extreme, and the work is hard:

As Jimmy Chin outlines in the video above, being an adventure photographer can certainly be a labor of love. Combining his passion for climbing in remote and often extreme locations only makes things more difficult.It’s those challenges, however, that push Chin to keep going—to keep doing what he loves to do no matter the difficulties. His grit and dedication have played a large role in his success.


“The biggest challenge for me is definitely trying to be creative under…physical duress.”

action photography

“A lot of the things I shoot are out in beautiful immaculate landscapes that people have rarely visited. I’ve always seen my role as to kinda bring that back to people. Photography can also give a person a new perspective on their own context in the world. It’s exploration on so many different levels.”

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