Insider Look at the Work of Famous Street Photographers: New Documentary

A new documentary by ALLDAYEVERYDAY Films will offer an insider glimpse at the work of some of the most prominent street photographers of past and present. If the trailer is any indication, the film, entitled Everybody Street, will show how street photography captures life in all its facets — the fascinating and the bizarre, the disturbing and the violent, as well as the beautiful and the heartwarming. (Warning: some photos in the trailer below contain partial nudity.)

Everybody Street will feature interviews from and the work of well-known street photographers including Jill Freedman, Bruce Davidson, Boogie, Joel Meyerowitz, Ricky Powell, Mary Ellen Mark, Jeff Mermelstein, Martha Cooper, Elliot Erwitt, Jamel Shabazz, Rebecca Lepkoff, Clayton Patterson, and Bruce Gilden. Below, you can view some of the photography from the trailer, along with snippets from interviews with the photographers listed above.

street photography documentary

"Everybody Street" photography documentary

“It’s the only tool that will stop time itself.”

vintage street photography

“A slice of a moment, a thousandth of a second of recognition — I just knew I had to be out there, watching life. I welcome the ambiguity and the surreal, even though it’s chaos.”

modern street photography

“You don’t have time to think; you just react.”

photography from new documentary

“The deeper you go, the better pictures you’ll take.”

city street photography

“The street can be like a nerve ending; it’s not the street, it’s the life on the street and where the street takes you that’s important.”


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2 responses to “Insider Look at the Work of Famous Street Photographers: New Documentary”

  1. jamie zartman says:

    any hints as to where and when this documentary can be see???

  2. KGB says:

    Thank god no Eric Kim!

    A very interesting looking film…

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