Inside the Mind of a Food Photographer

Aran Goyoaga’s story is a fascinating one. One might say she’s lived her life from moment to moment, in a free-spirited way always listening to her heart. This is her story:

Goyoaga was born in Basque country. She studied business and eonomics before moving to the US for a short stint in the corporate world. But her true calling was somewhere else. She joined culinary school. She even worked at a pastry shop for many years.

It was until after her son was born that Goyoaga quit working in kitchens and became a freelance food photographer, stylist, and writer.

styling food photography

“I started really photographing the food that I was making and that was my first introduction to food photography.”

“I started to photograph to show to people and I was really embarrassed and so that forced me into really learning about the mechanics, the light and shadow, rule of thirds, negative space, things like that.”

Food Photography Style

“I would describe my style as simple, airy, textural, even when I have tried it always ends up coming out very simple and minimalistic in a way.”

how to photograph food

natural style

“I love things that are a little bit wild and unruly. You know, apples that are a little bit bruised and damaged. Anything that represents nature in its raw state it is usually the most beautiful to photograph any way.”

natural food photography

raw style

“I think the trend for many years has been to show food in a very commercial environment… so shooting food that is very perfect. I think the trend really is towards food that’s more natural, textural, raw. It really is a lot more emotional that way.”


Over the years Goyoaga had shot with a number of cameras. She shot with a Canon Rebel XT then migrated to a Canon 50D, and then to a 5D Mark II. She’s been shooting with a 5D Mark III for a while now. Her go-to lenses are a Canon 50mm, Canon 24-70mm and the Zeiss 50mm macro. But for her Instagram images she uses nothing other than her iPhone.


“My motivation, to continue to photograph is just, I don’t know I feel like it’s kind of compulsive and intuitive and I (like) to see everything framed. Seeing the world through photography makes it kind of exciting for me.”

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