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If there was an easy way to capture long exposure photos that amaze viewers would that interest you? What if all you need is a selection of go-to settings and some low-cost accessories? So that you could capture perfectly timed long exposures every time you shoot? This new in-depth course on the topic is currently 67% off for the launch sale if you want to check it out. Deal found here: Infinite Exposures Launch Sale

infinite exposure

New: Infinite Exposures Launch Sale

Long exposure photography is all about capturing the world in movement… whether that’s water flowing over a dam or the sun setting…

“Infinite Exposures” is designed to cover everything you need to take stunning long exposure photography. Here are the 5 “pillars” of the course.

Pillar 1. Easy Exposure Settings

Long exposure photography is accessible to anyone as it doesn’t rely on expensive gear.

However, your camera settings are vitally important. That’s why they cover them in great detail. From understanding how stops of exposure work… to choosing the right shutter speed.

These videos will show you how to control the movement you capture, and the action in the scene.

Pillar 2. Basic Gear and Simple Setup

You can capture long exposures with nothing more than your camera on a tripod.

But if you want to shoot in the middle of the day too, they recommend using specific light-stopping filters. These are called ND (Neutral Density) filters and they don’t have to be expensive.

They have separate videos on tripods… intervalometers… filters… apps… and even videos on how to set up your camera during the day and night.

Pillar 3. Water-Flows, Splashes, and Waves

Long exposure photography is more exciting when you capture action and movement; water is often the most popular subject.

waterfall long exposure

Waterfall Long Exposure

That’s why they’ve dedicated five different videos on waves crashing into a pier… water flowing over a dam… boats rocking in a harbour… and more…

They even cover techniques that will show you how to shoot with wind and rain.

Pillar 4. Daytime Shooting

Shooting during the day is the best time to get unique photographs because you often have to use a filter.

This is something the average photographer either doesn’t have at their disposal… or doesn’t know how to use correctly.

If you can master a few simple setups, you’ll be able to capture photos that most photographers can’t.

They’ve filmed video tutorials covering topics such as:

  • Removing cars and people from lively scenes
  • Capturing sunsets with moving clouds and changing colours
  • Shooting scenes with dramatic weather

Pillar 5. Night-Time Shooting

Shooting at night requires a very different approach to daytime photography.

You don’t need to use filters, but you do have to change the way you experiment with composition. And the shutter is still vitally important here.

In this section, they cover night photography, star photography, and the professional method for capturing light trails from cars…

star trail exposure

Star Trails Long Exposure

This 5-hour course walks you through the entire process of taking stunning long exposure photos.

Including camera settings, gear and setup, daytime shooting, and night-time shooting. With and without filters.

Other Topics Also Covered:

  • How to combine movement with still life (for a striking balance!)
  • The correct way to capture light trail photography without overexposing the lights
  • How to remove cars and people from daytime photography (for unique scenes)
  • The best way to quickly set up your camera for both the daytime and night-time
  • A simple but powerful app that makes calculating long exposures easy
  • Interesting ways to capture scenes at night (including star photography)
  • How to capture sunrises and sunsets, and everything in between

How to Get Infinite Exposures for a Discount Today (Plus Bonuses):

Infinite Exposures is currently 67% off for the launch sale which ends soon (normally $299, currently $99). They have also thrown in bonus tutorials on star trail photography and timelapse photography. It all comes with an impressive 90 day happiness guarantee so there’s no risk in trying it.

Launch sale found here: Infinite Exposures at 67% Off

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