In-Depth Tutorial on How to Use the New Canon Speedlite

Canon fans should be excited about the recently released Canon 600EX-RT Speedlite, the first speedlite in Canon’s lineup to feature radio-controlled wireless ability. If you’re considering getting this new flash, or if you already have one, check out this extensive video tutorial (1.5 hours) that explains the new features of the speedlite, the difference between optical and radio controls, and ways to use it in practical shooting situations:

Syl Arena praises the new Canon speedlite for its intuitive layout and design and does a great job of explaining how to use the new wireless radio system.

Highlights of the Canon 600EX-RT include:

  • Optical and radio sensors – The speedlite can act as either a master or slave for optical or radio and radio is two-way meaning not only can the master transmit to the slave, but the slave can transmit back.
  • Group mode – This enables the flash to turn on or off certain groups of flashes
  • 15 channels and channel sniffer – The sniffer shows the signal strength of each channel so you can avoid interference with other devices
  • Dedicated wireless button – Switch from master to slave
  • 20mm-200mm zoom – Wider and longer zoom range
600ex-rt flash

The 600ex-rt is Canon’s first radio-controlled flash

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