Importance of Perspective in Photography

Of the many elements that define how powerful and effective your composition is, perspective is one of the most important. How you choose to tell a story is dependent on your choice of perspective. Choosing a perspective that’s something different from what we’re used to seeing can really make your photo stand out. In this video, photographer Jared Polin shows us why perspective is important, and how different perspectives tell different stories:

“Your job as a photographer is to tell the best story of what is in front of you. And if you choose the wrong perspective, or you don’t have access to the right angles, you may not be able to do that job effectively.”

As Polin takes us through the different images that he took from varying perspectives, we get to see the impact it makes on the resulting images. By varying the locations he shot from, he was able to change the intensity of the image.

So whether you’re shooting some kind of event, a landscape, street photography, or really just anything, don’t be afraid to experiment with perspectives. Move around and notice how the environment around the subject changes. Then choose the frame that tells the best story. This way you can ensure that your images do not come out with a generic look. Remember, two images taken at the same time from different perspectives can tell two different stories.

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