Ignition Sequences: Steel Wool Light Painting in Reverse

Most of us hanging around picture-sharing websites have seen light painting done with steel wool. It’s looks cool, but it’s become a bit commonplace. However, Richard Johnston took it to a whole new level:

Johnston shot the video of a woman “light painting” with fine steel wool in the forest for a company that provides juggling props. It stands as a testimonial of his ability to come up with great ideas for a given project. Incorporating slow motion video, shallow depth of field, and playing everything backwards sure gives a different perspective to something cliché. (Via PetaPixel)

ignition sequences

If you decide to try this sort of project our yourself, remember: safety first. Johnston had a team standing by (probably holding fire extinguishers) in case a fire started, but since he shot everything just after heavy rain, the risk was minimal.

steel wool light painting

The project stands to show that even overdone techniques can become awesome if you have a good skill set and a novel idea.

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