iFolios: Photography Website for Mobile Devices and Phones

Millions of people around the world are already using their iPhone, iPad or Android to browse the internet and often preview the photographers that they may hire for their next project or event.

ifolios reviewHave you ever viewed your photography portfolio website on a mobile phone or device? Chances are, there may be some compatibility and speed issues.

A new service called iFolios is making it possible for photographers to present their images, videos, and company information on a mobile-friendly website to serve these smartphones and devices.

How it Works:

A separate website is automatically presented when someone visits your main website from an iPhone, iPad, or another mobile device. Once it’s setup you get to login and easily add an unlimited number of pages and galleries on your own with no technical knowledge required.

Photographers have commented on the simplicity of the setup. It basically works off a WordPress template specifically designed to view well on mobile devices. It is installed in a subfolder or subdomain with its own WordPress installation.

Mobile Website Features:

  • Dynamic Image Scaling – Watch your images scale in proportion up to 768px wide to fit the iPad.
  • iPhone 4 HD Compatible – Enjoy extra sharp images on the iPhone 4 HD Retina Display screen.
  • WordPress CMS (Content Management System) – Update your mobile website at any time with no technical knowledge required.
  • Mobile Device Recognition – Automatically detect all of the world’s most popular smart phones (and iPad).
  • Touch Screen Compatible – Effortlessly browse site content without any unnecessary clicking or zooming.
  • Hosted On Your URL – Enjoy full control over your installation with hosting at yoursite.com/mobile.
  • Unlimited Galleries/Pages – Create as many content pages and image galleries as you need. No limits.
  • Supports Video Content – Embed MP4 or YouTube videos directly into your gallery page(s).
ifolios mobile website review

How to Create a Website for Smartphones and Mobile Devices

Pricing Options:

  • Self Install – $99 – You install wordpress and upload your content.
  • Assisted Install – $169 – They install wordpress. You upload your content.
  • Full Service – $299 – They install wordpress and upload your content.

Simple Solution to a Complicated Problem:

It is becoming increasingly important for photographers to have a version of their website specifically designed for mobile devices. I have seen a few other companies offering solutions to this growing mobile trend, but the simplicity of the the iFolios setup is very compelling and the resulting mobile sites I have seen using this are visually striking.

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