Iceland, A Monograph Print and Process eBook

ICELAND, A Monograph – The Print & The Process is the latest eBook by David duChemin. The Print & The Process series is the perfect format to show David’s photographic vision and creative process behind his recent trip to one of the world’s most stunning places. Moved by the incredible landscapes, the vastness of the open spaces, and the extreme weather, David created photographs that first and foremost inspired him.

monograph photography ebook

Iceland, A Monograph eBook

ICELAND, A Monograph, is a showcase of exceptional photographs and it holds nothing back with respect to how the images were created. 

This eBook is the first look at 39 of the images David created in Iceland. The curtain is pulled back on technique – like how he used three different ND filters to work through an exposure problem, as well as the more internal processes related to creation – like finding inspiration and working through the frustrations of finding one’s vision. The process and thinking behind those photographs are explained from a technical angle and the discussion of post-processing includes two free downloadable Adobe Lightroom Presets. For you travelers, David also briefly discusses logistics involved in the travel and supporting the digital workflow while tenting his way through Iceland.

iceland monograph ebook

The Print & The Process Series

ICELAND, A Monograph – The Print & The Process is larger than usual – a full 65 spreads of photographs and insights that will inspire as you develop your own craft.

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