I Left My Heart: A Beautiful San Francisco Timelapse Project

San Francisco is an iconic city that is well loved by photographers and timelapse filmmakers, perhaps in part to its colorful and bustling cityscapes. Taking in the timelapse , I Left My Heart, we are treated to a glimpse of just that. San Francisco natives will enjoy spotting all the familiar attractions, and those who haven’t yet had the chance to visit the city will see why it’s so easy to leave your heart there:

This isn’t the first timelapse of San Francisco. We’ve seen some pretty amazing footage of the city’s fog¬†and an incredibly eerie look at an empty San Franciso, each awesome in their own right. But I Left My Heart offers a wider range of sights, a more satisfying look at the vibrant life that is found around every corner.



If you’re curious about the inspiration and work that was put into making the timelapse, the creators have included a behind the scenes video where they discuss the finer details that went into film. Have a look:

Some of the equipment the team used, and can’t say enough good things about, were the eMotimo TB3, a motion control robot that, when coupled with a dolly such as a Stage One, allows for pan and tilts, not to mention all the fading shots from day to night. They used Canon 5d Mark IIIs to capture all the photographs used to make the timelapse, but the majority of the behind the scenes footage was shot with a GoPro.

“It was definitely a collaborative process.”

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