Using Window Light for Portraits

When used correctly, window light is a very flattering source to use for portraiture. In the hour long video below, photographer Bambi Cantrell takes us on informative behind the scenes look at a how to use natural light properly and shares a whole heap of tips on how you can pose your subject to make the window light even more flattering. Photographers of all levels will benefit from Cantrell’s instruction, so grab a pen and paper to take some notes and enjoy:

“Sometimes when you’re working with window light, the light is coming in from underneath. It’s not very flattering. What you can do with your [black] reflector is to use it as a go-between.”

window light techiniques

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3 responses to “Using Window Light for Portraits”

  1. Ivy says:

    I love your video, Bambi. It is very instructional and I learned alot! Thanks so much for sharing! Ivy

  2. kalps says:

    very nice and useful…
    love it..

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