How to Use Lightroom and Photoshop Together in Harmony

There is sometimes a great division between Photoshop users and Lightroom users, as most photographers have a preference for one and generally stick to it. But, in this two hour seminar with post production wizard, Tim Grey, viewers get a walkthrough of his process, which perfectly blends the use of the two pieces of editing software:

While Photoshop and Lightroom are set up to work well together natively, there is somewhat of a workflow involved when using the two in conjunction with one another.


As added bonuses, Grey also covers a bunch of little tricks and tips to make sure you are getting the most you can out of Photoshop and Lightroom, as well as giving advice for shooting your images. Grey delivers the information with a humorous approach, which keeps the presentation interesting, despite its length.

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3 responses to “How to Use Lightroom and Photoshop Together in Harmony”

  1. jann says:

    Thank you Tim. You’re an AMAZING teacher and I learned so much.

  2. This was a great tutorial and Tim explains the nuances so clearly that you actually understand why he used a particular feature. Well worth the time watching. I’m an intermediate Lightroom and Photoshop user and I still learned plenty from this lesson.

  3. Mike Hartigan says:

    I found this to very informative and interesting.

    Thank You

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