How to Tell if You’re a Photography Geek

The first sign that you may be a photo geek is if you clicked on this link to see if you’re a photo geek. So what’s the difference between being passionate about photography and claiming the title of geek? Well, leave it up to Kai to create a top 10 list of the geekiest photographer traits:

The 10 Traits Needed to Achieve Photo Geek Status

  1. Form Follow Function Fashion. Basically, you think a lot about photography and very little about your clothes.
  2. Awkward With the Opposite Sex. You’re terrible at social interactions, especially if it’s with someone you’re attracted to.
  3. Speaks in Coded Language. Your conversations consist of a lot of talk about f-stops, MTF charts, digital noise, sensor size, etc. Most people won’t know what you’re talking about.
  4. Only Talks About Cameras, All the Time. Your love of photography might spread a little too far when the only thing you can talk to your friends about is your newest lens or the amazing photo that you captured the other day.
  5. Bring Inappropriate Gear to Occasions. Maybe you don’t need to bring your TLR when riding a roller coaster.
  6. Spend Far Too Long on Online Forums. Whether you’re bragging about your photo or gear, or just talking with other photographers because your friends are tired of listening to you, you may be abusing your photography forum account (in which your username is photographyloverf/4life)
  7. Spend Far Too Long at Second Hand Shops. If you feel a spark of excitement every time you see a flea market hoping that you will find an old rangefinder camera, you may be a photo geek.
  8. Try to Outdo Everyone by Getting Exclusive Gear. It doesn’t have to be expensive or new or even functional, but it does have to be unique.
  9. Treat Your Gear Like Your Baby. This one is iffy. Some photo geeks may treat their photo gear better than their baby.
  10. Need to Take Photos Even Stuck at Desk. When you feel like you’re wasting time at your office because you’re not taking photos, this could be a sign.
photo photography geek photographer signs traits 10

Who doesn’t bring a 4×5 to a lunch date?

Another sign of being a photo geek? Checking YouTube every day for more photography tutorials.

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4 responses to “How to Tell if You’re a Photography Geek”

  1. CrimsonCrow says:

    Funny. Except for the decidedly not funny heterosexism: “Awkward With the Opposite Sex.” 2013 and this stuff is still rampant. Ouch.

  2. photo geek says:

    Almost all the rules fits for me… :)

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