How to Take a Perfect Self-Portrait

A self-portrait doesn’t have to be a smartphone selfie. As an artist, you can apply a broader meaning to the term. Photographer Brandon Woelfel has some tips and techniques to help you take a perfect self-portrait:

First off, you’ll need a camera with a self-timer (or a remote). You’ll also want a tripod or some other way to stabilize your camera.

How to Take a Dope Mirror Selfie

  • Start by placing a mirror in front of a large source of natural light, like a window.
  • Take some string lights and place them around the mirror.
  • Stand in front of the mirror, and with the string lights turned on, take the photo of your mirror image. If your camera allows you to change the aperture of the lens, open it up as wide as possible for some bokeh.

mirror selfie

Colorful Self Portrait Tips

  • Use holographic poster board from your local craft store to reflect light and form a bright rainbow reflection.
  • Add plants or a simple backdrop.
  • If your camera has an intervalometer function, program it to take a sequence of shots automatically.
  • Activate the face tracking option so that the camera always has your face in focus. You can even pre-focus your camera manually to the distance you will be posing at.

self portrait with rainbow light

“Self-portraits can definitely be challenging but it’s super rewarding once you capture that shot you love because you did it all yourself.”

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