How to Shoot a Bathroom Beauty Photograph

Like any other form of photography, when shooting indoor portraits you have to remember that light changes outside will also affect the contrast and balance on the inside. While it can be easy to get caught up in what gear you need to capture the shot, there are plenty of other elements to keep in mind. To help understand a little more about what it takes to capture an amazing beauty shot, UK based contemporary photographer Damien Lovegrove provides a behind-the-scenes look at his country hotel bathroom shoot:

When capturing a portrait, there are a variety of aspects you need to think about. Whether you’re taking photos of your friends or capturing beauty shots for a project, each element provides a key ingredient to the mix for a great photo.

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Captured with a FUJIFILM X-Pro2 using ISO 400 and 1/60 of a second


What you place inside your frame can either make or break your photo. Always make sure to play around with your subject and see what changes you can add to make it more interesting.


Many people tend to forget portrait photography is all about expression. People want to have some sense of emotion when they view a great portrait shot, and you need to connect with your model.


The subject of your photo can be placed just about anywhere (foreground, middle ground, background) in your photo. To add more interest to your image, play around with your focus. This will not only add contrast, but also alerts the viewer where they should be looking first.

Lighting Placement

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of your photo. It not only sets the tone for your entire image, but it also illuminates the area so your subject is visible.


Every detail counts in photography, and props are a great way to enhance your overall look. For instance, Lovegrove places a pair of shoes within the shot.

In most cases, you should prep your area ahead of time (set your lighting, add props, etc.), as this will allow you to make any significant changes before you bring in your model.

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