How to Shift Perspective to Improve Spacing in Photography

What is it as photographers that you pay the most attention to when composing your photos? Probably the subject, right? It’s a logical decision. But besides the subject itself, there are other important elements that photographer Mark Denney believes can make or break your photos. Let’s see how the surrounding elements of your prime subject can help to elevate your photos:

Denney emphasizes two critical aspects that you should be paying attention to: converging lines and the spacing between supporting elements. The tips he shares in the video will help you invite breathing space into your image.

Time and again we shoot from a lower angle in search of a unique perspective. This can work great, but if you haven’t noticed, this technique significantly affects the midground. Shooting low emphasizes the foreground while keeping the background intact, but we can lose the midground entirely. This is just one example Denney sharesโ€”but the problem can arise in other scenarios, too.

Converging lines are one of the most powerful composition elements. However, if you’re not careful, you could be missing out on some opportunities. Ensure that any converging line you have in your image is clear of obstruction. Move around slightly and you might be surprised to see the difference it can make. Keep in mind that prominent converging lines add more value to your photograph.

“Not paying attention to converging lines is a mistake. Converging lines can make or break a photograph.”

On a similar note, Denney emphasizes the importance of having a clear separation between foreground and background elements. Including room to breathe declutters the image and allows viewers’ eyes to move around more comfortably. Here, too, is the same advice: continuously move around while scanning your frame to see that the elements are not competing for attention.

Denney shares a handful of examples to illustrate how his tips can improve your images. Be sure to watch the complete video and use the tips to take your photography to the next level.

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