How to Set Up a Home Studio on a Budget

Photography is an equipment-intensive hobby. Purchasing all the equipment you need to set up a professional studio setting is beyond the budget for many of amateur photographers. Luckily, Jay P. Morgan has put together a great video that shows us how we can build a few of the necessary items surprisingly easily and, most importantly, on a budget:

What to Keep in Mind When Creating a DIY Home Studio:

  1. Make sure the walls are a neutral color.
  2. Use blackout curtains to block out the window light.
  3. You can create a drop holder from your ceiling very easily with items from the hardware store.
  4. There are plenty of alternatives to store-bought softboxes.
Backdrop holders are a quick and easy DIY project for photographers.

Backdrop holders are a quick and easy DIY project for photographers.

Morgan starts by giving a detailed tutorial on how to make a simple backdrop holder using parts that can be sourced from any hardware store. He also gives useful advice on which backdrops to use–fabric as opposed to seamless–and how to properly control window light using Eclipse curtains, which can be found online for under $30. Next, he goes through the steps to build softboxes out of various household items, including a laundry detergent bucket, a styrofoam cooler, or a banker’s box.



Morgan does note that a studio fashioned out of the materials he uses in the video should only be temporary. As your skills progress, you will probably want to invest in proper equipment, especially if you plan on taking the equipment to an on-location shoot. That being said, the DIY method is a great start for practicing lighting or for occasional use in the home studio, but do keep safety in mind.

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