How to Replace a Sky in Photoshop


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This tutorial is to help you learn how to replace the sky of one photo with the more interesting sky of another photo.  I have had many photos where the landscape is very interesting but the sky is somewhat boring.  With this technique you can fix that problem by simply changing the sky.  Ok, once you have your pictures open in photoshop:

1. On the photo with the interesting sky, Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M) to select the whole sky.


2. Then Copy the selection (Edit>Copy).  Then open the photo that you want to use the sky in and Paste the selection (Edit>Paste).

3. This placed the new sky in the other photo on a new layer.  You can now move the sky into place by using the Move Tool (V).

4. You may need to adjust the opacity or brightness and contrast of the new layer with the sky so that it matches the landscape of the new photo.  I simply lowered the opacity a little in this photo.


5. In order to take out the sharp edge that separates the sky from the landscape, first of all you can add a Reveal All Layer Mask to the layer with the sky (Layer>Add Layer Mask>Reveal All).

6. Then select a good sized soft edged paint brush. And with the Layer Mask selected, paint black on the places that need to blended more.  A good technique would be to lower the opacity of the paint brush as you edge up into the sky portion while blending.


For different photos, the process and amount of adjustment won’t be exactly the same.  This technique can dramatically improve any photo with a somewhat boring sky.


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2 responses to “How to Replace a Sky in Photoshop”

  1. Lisa says:

    I think there needs a bit light under the existing scene. Becuase see the sky you used here different from the ocean. Other things in the tutorial are fine, by the way.

  2. Ryan Chapman says:

    There are many ways to replace sky using photoshop. But, Your method is easy to use for everyone. Thanks for sharing your great concept.

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