How to React When a Photo Shoot Doesn’t Go According to Plan: Stay Positive

Perseverance. If there’s one trait that a photographer needs, it’s the ability to keep going when things get rough. In this video, photographer Karl Taylor demonstrates his steadfastness as he takes us behind the scenes during a fashion shoot in Iceland:

At this shoot, Taylor was faced with high winds, a freezing model, a rogue 5-in-1 reflector, and wardrobe malfunction. Through it all, the photographer laughed and took control of the situation.


“Things aren’t going terribly well right now.”

As his assistants battled a kite-like reflector that threatened to whisk them into the air, Taylor kept a smile on his face on got to work.


He could have easily given up on the shoot, but thinking on his feet and communicating with everyone on set left him with beautiful results that seem worth the trouble:


It’s rare for a photo shoot to go exactly as planned. No matter how much you prepare, it’s possible for something to go wrong. How you react to the circumstances makes all the difference. Tenacity and a positive attitude can get you through practically any photography session.

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2 responses to “How to React When a Photo Shoot Doesn’t Go According to Plan: Stay Positive”

  1. Effete Ode Mann says:

    Wow. Great photo!

    I would have been shooting away when the model put the coat on and covered herself with hood too.

    Like a Druid in an evening gown!

  2. OldMan River says:

    The model’s OK, but I’ll take 2 of the wardrobe girl, thank you. ;)

    Situations like this are what sorts the pros from the wannabes. Stunning image at the end, well done the whole team.

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