How to Print Photos with Lightroom: The Print Module

Numerous photographers are taking advantage of Lightroom for organizing and editing photos. The software makes the process of importing and processing easy and uncomplicated. Yet it can do much more than make your images look their best. The Print module in Lightroom 5 is a powerful, yet often overlooked feature that simplifies workflow. Mastering all of its components gives you maximum control over all aspects of printing. To learn how to get the most out of your prints, watch this thorough printing tutorial lead by Canson Infinity ambassador Robert Rodriguez, Jr:

Rodriguez, who has been printing fine art photography for years, acknowledges that printing used to be a complicated and frustrating experience. It was a multi-step endeavor that required meticulous troubleshooting and fine-tuning. Now, thanks to Lightroom and its streamlined interface, the process is simplified. The Print module is one of the software’s strongest features.


Advantages of Lightroom’s Print Module

  • Raw files: print directly from raw, 16-bit images in the largest color space possible
  • Workflow: do everything in one interface
  • Layout: choose packages and fit images onto a sheet in many configurations
  • Templates: save your settings and layouts
  • Soft proofing: apply paper profiles to see how the paper type affects your images
  • Versatility: use plugins, make triptychs, add borders, add identity plates, create collages
  • Save layouts as JPEGs: quickly make layouts for websites


Rodriguez discusses his recommended settings and explains how to use each of the Print module’s features to save time and reduce stress. He also covers shortcuts, paper choice, exporting, creating contact sheets, and choosing specific printer settings. After watching the video, you’ll be ready to get started with making beautiful prints by taking advantage of the tools available in Lightroom 5.

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  1. Some of the features mentioned are quite amazing.Before I make a statement about the software I must use it first and I think I won’t be disappointed.

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