How to Print and Frame Panoramic Photos on a Budget

Inspired by Peter Lik‘s large and breathtaking panoramic shots that are printed on metallic paper and framed, this video takes us behind the scenes into the cheapest and best way to frame large prints on a budget! The result is impressive, with a 2 foot by 5 foot metallic print mounted and framed for under $150. A little research and innovation goes a long way.

Photographer Peter Lik is well known for his unique style of photographing, printing, and framing. He does everything very large, some prints spanning 20 feet, but the most unique aspect of Peter’s technique is that he prints on Metallic paper, which gives the image of a backlit look from the reflection of light on the print.

Lee Morris decided to try to recreate something close to Peter’s style, on a budget. He was successful, and here is how.

First, you need a panoramic. Take as many pictures of a scene as you think you may need. Then, you can use Photoshop to stitch the pictures together to create one panoramic shot.

In Photoshop, open all of your photos. Then, go to File > Automate > Photo Merge > Add Open Files > Okay. This will stitch your photos together. If you want more control over your panoramic, you can purchase the program PanoramaMaker for under $80, but most shots can be successfully altered into a good Panoramic via Photoshop.

One tip provided here is to find your frame before you order your print. In this video, a two foot by five foot frame is found at Bed, Bath, & Beyond, for under $99, in the form of a framed mirror. This will create the basis for the rest of the mounting process, as the print will be mounted directly to the mirror.

how to frame a large digital metallic print

How to Frame your Print

  • In an area large enough that you can easily work around your frame, place your framed mirror upside down and remove the backing.
  • You will likely have staples and/or glue to remove. Do so with pliers so you can remove the mirror completely.
  • Measure the mirror once it is removed. Order your print slightly bigger to be sure you’ll have a proper fit.
  • Remove all excess glue to be sure you have a smooth surface for mounting.
  • Once you receive your print, cut it down to the exact size of the mirror by placing the mirror on top and cutting with a blade.

framing large photo print

  • Carefully tape the print all the way around, directly to the back of the mirror. Make sure your tape will not show outside of the frame, and pull tight as you go. If you tape the top, immediately go to the opposite side and pull tight, taping the bottom. Same goes for the sides. Be careful of any ripples or wrinkles.

metallic print frame

  • Drop or slide the mirror back into the frame gently.
  • Use hot glue and staples to secure the mirror and frame back together.

framing on a budget

There is a possibility that you may still see ripples with a metallic print. It will not be as much of an issue if you implement the same steps using a traditional print. On a metallic print, when you move around the room where the print is hung, you might be able to see wrinkles when the light is reflected. Because it is metallic, flaws will stand out. That is why the print can’t be sprayed or glued on to the glass. If you wish to avoid possible flaws and have the money to spare, you can mount your print on Foamcore professionally. This will also make it easier (and lighter) to hang.

This is certainly a well thought out process to produce the largest quality framed print for the best possible price.

Interested in Testing Canvas Material for Printing?

Canvas People is offering a free canvas print of any photo you choose as a way to try out their service. You can get the free 8×10 or receive $55 off a larger print – your choice. If you have ever wanted to try printing one of your favorite photos on canvas, this is a very good opportunity, not sure how long this offer will last. The only cost is shipping and handling (which was $14.95 for my order shipped to California). The Canvas Print Offer Can Be Found Here

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    I like your style….. Keep up the good work

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    If anyone finds a link to this mirror for the price he says he got it for that would be great. I was not able to find the mirror on the bed bath and beyond website. Any suggestions?

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