How to Pose for Photos

A successful portrait shoot depends a lot on whether or not the subject is relaxed and up to the challenge of being the center of attention. As the photographer, it’s up to you to give direction and coach your clients to help both of you make better photographs. Unfortunately, many photographers have difficulty conveying instruction because they themselves are uncomfortable in front of the camera or, perhaps, they just need to brush up on their communication skills. Either way, the following video could prove to be helpful since it is chock full of great tips to give your client:

You could really get a head start and email them the link before the shoot so they can come prepared.

The video includes some common sense tips like sit-up straight, and breath, but the Phan also includes some not so obvious tips that she delivers in an easy to understand way.

“It’s so important that the photographer communicates with you and makes you feel comfortable. If he or she isn’t then it’s not your fault the photos turned out bad!”

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