How to Photograph Wedding Rings

In this video photographer Jasmine Star tells us her strategy for shooting wedding bands. On such a special day, capturing the true spirit of the monumental ceremony becomes a key factor. She tells us that she goes after three main shots for the wedding bands, and variations of those shots, all in 5–7 minutes so as to not run out of time. She then outlines the three shots while also demonstrating exactly how she does it. A strong emphasis on capturing the personality and style of the wedding goes into her photos and she is generous enough to share her ideas and styles here:

First, Jasmine answers a few questions.

How do you get inspiration for your ring shots?

“My inspiration comes really from what is around me. The type of story that the bride wants to tell on her day.”

What type of lighting are you looking for?

“I’m always looking for natural lighting. Natural lighting will always suit my style of shooting much better. Tungsten lighting just doesn’t give me the type of brilliance that I like as I’m shooting diamonds.”

What type of backgrounds are best?

“I’m not necessarily looking for backgrounds as much as I’m looking for how to tell the story. This goes back to the type of wedding and showcasing the bride’s personality with those details.”

Do you plan for these photos in advance?

“Truth be told,  I really don’t. There’s too many factors that go into planning these type of photos. I have a few ideas cached in my mind, but I don’t go into a specific wedding saying ‘this is what i’m doing’.”

How long do you spend on ring shots?

“I spend anywhere from 5-7 minutes on the ring shots, only because I know I don’t have too much time on the wedding day to do this. Being really strategic and going after those three main photos is always my priority.”

Her three main shots:

photographing wedding bands

Shot #1: Rings in the box

A more traditional shot, rings in the box captures the brand name if that is important to the bride by showcasing the box instead of just the rings. This is a must have for a new bride. Also a good play on lighting by shooting with the rings in the box.

wedding rings photo

Shot #2: Rings by themselves

For these shots, she tends to find texture from around the room to give flare to the photo. These are to be void of any personal items. She places the rings on a table or a pillow. Then she shoots a close up, not including a ton of background. In the above example, a weathered wood finish leads to texture and character.

photography of wedding rings

Shot #3: Personalized setup

These photos are taken with personalized items from around the room. Jasmine looks for anything that may give the photo flair while adding to the value of the photo by showcasing the personality and style behind that particular wedding. This photo is to be reflective of the wedding day.

For each type of photo, she shoots three shots: vertical, horizontal, and at an angle. She will also do some variations of each photo but keeps it to a minimum to reduce time.

What is her go to camera and lens for photographing wedding bands? A Canon Mark III and a 100 mm macro lens.

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