How to Photograph Splashing Liquids

Photographing a splash of water can be tricky business. You have to make sure you use just the right amount of light to be able to freeze the water splash without overexposing the background or other elements of the image. Fortunately, Gavin Hoey has taken the time to create the following tutorial which gives viewers the step-by-step breakdown:

Splash photography can be a fun project to sharpen your strobist skills without having to invest in a lot of equipment, it’s also a great project to work on when the weather outside is less than desirable, as Gavin mentions at the beginning of the clip.


The image above is the basic setup Gavin used to capture his awesome splash shot. Nothing too complicated, just make sure you place your speedlight at a nice distance from the background without putting it at risk of getting soaked by water. You’ll also want to make sure you have a nice steady tripod and a remote shutter release–or an assistant to drop the lemon. This gear is essential given the amount of things you will have to be doing simultaneously.

With a little trial and error, you can capture a refreshing splash:


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