How to Photograph Like a Pro

After a couple of years of producing tutorials, photographer Kai Wong has met his fair share of professional photographers—and even a few modern legends. Through all of it, he has picked up on what it is that they all have in common, regardless of what types of subjects they shoot. In this video, he discusses how to photograph like a pro in any situation:

The first illusion Kai strips away is gear. Most of these encounters were part of the “Cheap Camera Challenge,” a recurring series which gets high-end professionals to shoot using low-end equipment. You might notice Vincent LaForet with a Lensbaby (we reported on that video a few months back), Chase Jarvis with a Legocam, and Douglas Sonders with a Holga. Despite popular opinion, a good camera has nothing to do with being a good photographer. An experienced artist can capture a great image with anything.

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What really sets a professional apart is their ability to visualize, understand, and communicate their artistic vision, as well as their determination to do whatever is necessary to get the picture. Whether it’s chasing a shot into the street or waiting motionless for it to present itself, premeditation, patience, and perseverance are the hallmarks of great photography. Kai boils it down to “confidence and control.” It’s no great mystery or impossible feat, but something that we can all accomplish through enough dedication, practice, and hard-fought experience.

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