How to Photograph a Car to Sell It

When buying products online, what is the first thing that you look at? Obviously “the photo” right? Yes, photographs play a very important role in making an impression when it comes to online selling. A well-taken photo helps in attracting a lot of attention and will help in selling your product. Photographer Mike from NorthBorders shares his experience on how photography helped him sell cars:

Like when photographing any product, have the car cleaned before the photoshoot. It will save you a lot of time from fiddling around in post removing the dirty spots. A shiny car also makes the photography process a breeze and results in an attractive looking image.

When taking the image, opt for a longer focal length. This will result in a more natural looking image. However, for the interiors, shorter focal lengths work best. And since you’d want all of the car in focus, shoot at greater f-values like f/4.

Also, be sure to experiment with various angles and perspectives.  For instance, lower angles give a strong look the car.  And don’t forget to take photos from multiple angles. Seeing multiple photos helps in making the prospective customers feel more confident about the car and you – the seller.

Do you have any experience selling products online? If you’ve been struggling, try posting better photos. You’ll definitely see an improvement in sales.

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