How to Make Your Own Wood Prints from Your Photos

Creating unique prints of your photography is an excellent way to not only display your images, but share them with your friends and family, as well. Steve Ramsey, who runs a site for woodworking called Woodworking for Mere Mortals, may not be a photographer, but he made an informative video on how to make do-it-yourself wood prints out of a photo:

How to Make Your Own Wood Print

Before you start, make sure to pick an image with bright and vibrant colors; the print will lose color when transferred. Because the print will be transferred to the wood as a mirror image, you’ll want to reverse your image in photo editing software, especially if your photo includes any text. Also, choose a light color piece of wood for this project; the color of the wood will be the color of anything white in the image you use.


Here is an overview of the process Ramsey takes in making these prints:

1. Use a sheet of adhesive labels meant for Inkjet Printers. Avery Dennison Inkjet Labels work well. Some people also noted that using wax paper worked just as well.

2. Peel the labels off the sheet. The side that used to have the labels on it is the side that you will print on.

3. Print the image like you normally would from your Inkjet printer. Be careful not to touch the image after printing; it will not dry and the ink will smear easily.


4. Attach a strip of tape to the top edge of your print. Carefully tape it to the top of the piece of the wood and press the image down on to the wood. Be careful not to move the image.


5. Lift the paper up. The image should be printed onto the piece of wood.


6. The image will dry almost instantly, but Ramsey suggests that you use DEFT spray lacquer to protect the image and make the colors more vibrant.


Here’s a close up of the print Ramsey made using this process. The grain of the wood adds an interesting texture effect.


These prints would be a great way to add a personal touch on a craft project or to turn your favorite images into modern wall art!

“If you would like to add the vintage-looking images, the inkjet-to-wood transfer is easy! Nothing special needed.”

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10 responses to “How to Make Your Own Wood Prints from Your Photos”

  1. Mary says:

    I really want to do this!
    But is it harmful to the printer?

  2. Norman Collins says:

    This has given me some ideas.
    Do you recomend any printer setting, e.g. plain paper or photo paper?

    • Brynn Tweeddale says:

      It shouldn’t matter too much but, if possible, the highest quality print settings would be best (rather than economy or default settings).

      • Brook says:

        Hi. I am going to try this but I would have the same question. I know with different printer setting on my Epson it will lay down more or less ink. So it may cause different colour casts on the paper. Almost thinking glossy paper setting would be best but I wonder if anyone has experimenting…..

  3. Patricia says:

    Have you had any issues with the paper getting caught up in the printer because of the adhesive?

  4. Patricia says:

    Never mind, I realize now you’re not printing on the part with the adhesive. Duh. haha

  5. Alan says:

    That’s a great idea! Besides being pretty, I think I can save some money on that. I’m thinking of doing it for my daughter, and even teaching how it does, since it’s quite simple.

  6. Yolanda Perales says:

    can I burn printed picture on a cutting board using wood burning tools?

  7. jesssi says:

    how do i mirror image of a photot that has a picture and words on it

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