How to Make Your Own Ringlight

DIY photography tools are always great, because they can save you a ton of money and you can use them to actually see if it’s the type of accessory you buy on an impulse, or if it’s actually going to be a vital part of your camera kit. Along these lines, here’s the Angry Photographer showing us how to build your own ringlight for just $2:

Ken shows just how easy it is to build an incredibly cheap ringlight, perfect for shooting macro or portraits. It’s so cheap, in fact, that you can use just about anything around the house; it only needs a plastic sheet or tracing paper, a piece of aluminum foil, and a simple box.

homemade diy ringlight cheap

Both sides of the box, now the finished ring-light.

It’s worth knowing that as cheap as this build is you do need to have an external flash to actually provide you with the lighting.

So, what do you think of this easy build? Do you use any similar hacks in your photography?

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