How To Make Your Own Portable Studio Lighting Rig

When faced with the dilemma of not being able to hold his camera and his off-camera flash, Jesse Rosten used a little bit of ingenuity to devise what he jokingly calls the Strobist Jetpack. (Once you see the contraption, the name will make a lot more sense!) He used a frame pack that he picked up at a yard sale, removed the backpack from it, and used a gobo head and a steel rod to attach a pocket wizard wireless trigger and his strobe. At one point, he also mounts an umbrella to the rig. Take a look at how he did it:

As you can see, the Strobist Jetpack easily holds more than one light, too.

portable lighting photo

Resulting Photo Example from the Strobist Jetpack

No one can say that it isn’t portable and much cheaper than hiring an assistant.

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3 responses to “How To Make Your Own Portable Studio Lighting Rig”

  1. Nasa62 says:

    Ah, the sign of a true photographer- will go to any lengths for a good shot no matter silly one looks!
    Well done mate.
    Me thinks that for street photography this contraption would help in A. Taking subjects mind off themselves and
    B. Would make people want to be subjects just to see it in action!

    I’m lovin’ it!

  2. mickey mouse says:

    What a dick whack, must shoot with a Canon

  3. it’s a great idea i’ve never used the Strobist Jetpack before, i’ll give it a try!! thanks for the tip

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