How to Keep Your Camera Gear Clean in Dusty Conditions

Your camera and lenses are equipment that help you to capture a moment in time. If you’re a professional, they’re the tools that help you get the job done. And no, you don’t have to treat your gear like your babies. But it’s important that you handle them with care. And care becomes even more important when you’re traveling. You don’t want to end up with non-functioning equipment in a new place. Photographer Janine Krayer from Pangolin Photo Safaris shares some simple measures to care for your photography gear when you’re traveling:

You really don’t need to carry around professional kits to clean your camera gear by yourself. A basic camera kit works just fine. Krayers demonstrates how you can keep the body and the front element of the lens clean along with certain precautionary measures. And it’s not only the outside that gets dirty right? Sensor spots are a common bother that many of us face when shooting in dusty conditions. Krayers also explains how you can get rid of the dust on the camera’s sensor using a simple air blower.

“If you come from a really dusty safari, you should clean your equipment literally daily to keep it nice and spotless.”

And if you’re one of those people on the clumsy side and tend to bump your equipment regularly, consider getting a silicone protective cover. They work like the case that we put on our phones to protect them.

What other techniques do you use to take care of your photography equipment?

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