How to Find a Niche as a Wedding Photographer

Although most professional photographers aren’t very keen to perform wedding photography jobs, it is a fact that this is a one of the most lucrative areas in photography industry. The market is filled with millions and millions of photographers—some are very good with great careers while others can’t pass over the mediocre level. But that only aggravates the over-saturated state of photography business. The result? Shooting weddings is no longer a dull and boring job, as photographers tend to be creative at all levels to make a stand and affirm their work as art. It’s important to let people know the quality of your work, to let them see and evaluate why you’re better than other photographers. But how can you find a niche as a wedding photographer when the market is impregnated with both good and bad photographers doing the same thing?

This is what Lisa Devlin, covers in the following lecture. Lisa built a steady career over the past 12 years as a wedding photographer, by developing a different language for her own work. As she explains her life and career in about an hour and a half, Lisa hints you with great tips to survive in the business, forging a successful career shooting alternative and creative weddings:

Other than that, Lisa explores techniques and marketing and branding tips that will most certainly be of great help to make a stand and to get those clients you really connect with, whether you’re a beginner or a pro in the business. Because it’s all about developing your own style and finding the confidence to follow your instincts.

Lisa’s work is in demand from wedding magazines and wedding blogs all over the world, so who else but her to show you how to shoot images that are strong for editorial and blogs, giving you practical advice on how to submit your work and make sure you have a positive online presence.


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2 responses to “How to Find a Niche as a Wedding Photographer”

  1. Karen says:

    I appreciated the article and the photography. Wedding photography IS challenging, but can be rewarding–financially and personally. Thanks!

  2. April Booher says:

    Loved the video! Great Photography and Great Tips!

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