How to do Long Exposure Effects with an iPhone

Just because you don’t have your DSLR with you doesn’t mean you can’t get quality photos. With the right knowledge you can take control of your iPhone’s camera. Emil Pakarklis¬†focuses on using the different iPhone camera settings like a DSLR in this video. As an iPhone user, he has spent many years and snapped thousands of photos learning to use the iPhone as a powerful camera:

1. Set Focus and Exposure

To manually set your focus and exposure on an iPhone, tap your finger on the screen. This will put that area into focus and automatically adjusts the exposure to do so. Now that a yellow box has appeared as the area of focus, you can see a yellow sun icon to the right of it. To change the exposure, slide that icon up or down with your finger. By tapping on different areas of the image, you will get either the foreground, background or main subject in focus.

lock focus and exposure on an iphone

2. Lock Focus and Exposure

After setting your custom focus and exposure, press and hold down your finger on the focus area for a few seconds. The “AE/AF LOCK” button will appear at the top of your screen. This means that your focus and exposure settings are set to “Auto” so you can move freely and snap pictures without changing them. You’ll want to use this feature when preparing a shot for multiple captures. Otherwise, the iPhone will automatically readjust them after each photo.

3. Take Long Exposure Photos

The Slow Shutter Cam app for iPhones can be used for long exposures. In the app’s settings, you can change the picture resolution to the highest megapixels setting available. This ensures a high quality display and print of your photograph. Next, you can adjust the shutter speed and blur strength. This involves taking multiple photos and blending them together to create the look of a long exposure.

using your iPhone photography as DSLR settings

Whether or not you choose to use the app for long exposures, try using these tricks the next time you use your iPhone for photography!

“These features give you DSLR like control of your iPhone camera and now that you know how to use them, you can take incredible photos with your phone and leave your heavy DSLR at home.”

For further training: The iPhone Photo Academy

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