How to Balance Photography with Parenting

Parenting sure is difficult. No matter your profession, having a newborn around makes work challenging. You need to devote more of your time to your family and you lose a bit of that freedom you had before. Photographers might wonder how their lives could change once they have a baby. Indeed, photographer James Popsys has, and in this video he shares his experience of going out to take photos with his wife and 11-week-old infant:

It’s quite interesting to see how the baby turns out to be the deciding factor for what you will be shooting and when. As you can see in the video, leaving the house early becomes a challenge in itself. In fact, as Popsys shares in the video, he even had to resort to sneaking out one morning for some photography.

“You can’t take photos alone with an 11-week-old.”

However, heading out with the family does have its benefits. You get to spend more time with your loved ones. And, more importantly, from a photographer’s perspective, you have subjects who can add value to your photographs. As you can see in the video, the images where Popsys includes his wife are simply breathtaking. Such photos can be something to cherish forever.

There is one important takeaway from the video, as well. When shooting with your kid, keep a close eye on whether they’re giving you clues that it’s time to leave. That may not be up to you.

If you are a photographer parent, we’d love to hear about your experiences.

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