How to Attach a Camera Strap

Your camera’s strap is an unassuming, simple, but necessary and important piece of your camera that not only prevents accidental camera drops but also allows for hands-free transport. While attaching a camera strap seems like a straightforward process, there are things you can do to improve the form and function of your strap. In the following video, Warwick, from Fujifilm Australia and Shotkit, gives a few tips that will help assure your strap is installed in such a way that prevents loose, flappy ends, and that gives your strap a tidy, professional appearance.

In his demonstration, Warwick is attaching a camera strap to a Fujifilm X-Pro2 Camera, but the same procedure can be followed with any camera and strap.

Here are the steps to Warwick’s method:

1. Remove the strap’s plastic connectors. The picture below shows how the pieces are usually configured when the strap arrives. However, you’ll want to take both pieces off.

install camera strap attach

2. Slide the plastic pieces back on, but in reverse order, so the buckle goes on the strap first.

install camera strap attach

3. Making sure the strap isn’t twisted and with the inside of the buckle facing up towards you, insert the strap through the camera’s tether point from the outside in.

install camera strap attach

4. Once through the tether point, slide the strap back through the first plastic piece.

install camera strap attach

5. Next you’ll need to feed the slack from the top portion of the strap into the buckle, forming a loop. In the picture below, this is what Warwick has done on the left side of the buckle.

install camera strap attach

6. Then insert the end of the strap into the back of the plastic buckle, up and back down through the front of the buckle. Essentially, you are threading the strap through the buckle the same way you did the first time, so the strap goes through the buckle twice.

attach camera strap install professional best

7. Once this is done, you’ll have three layers of strap below the buckle. Tuck the end of your strap in between the front and back straps and between the two plastic pieces, so it’s sandwiched between the two other sections.

8. Pull the plastic retainer piece up to assure it’s sliding over all three pieces of your strap, then slide it back down so it’s snug up against the camera’s tether point.

professional camera strap install attach best

Using this method, you’ll have a camera strap that’s attached securely with the ends nicely tucked away, for a sleek, professional look.

professional camera strap install best attach

Just be ready to share your new-found skill, other photographers will probably be asking how you did it!

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