How This Photographer Changed Fashion History

Whether you’re a fan of portraits or fashion photography, you’ve probably heard of photographer David Bailey. His work transformed the way Great Britain viewed fashion photography. He is often considered the perfect mix of technical brilliance and sheer force of personality, and Bailey uses this to capture amazing and natural images that offer a total sense of spontaneity:

The 8-minute video offers a behind the scenes look on how photographers interact with their subjects and other photographers, the tools they use, and even the type of wording to express themselves. Unlike the majority of fashion photographers, Bailey is very forthcoming with the details of how he created his iconic images.

Using a plain background, Bailey captured this shot with a Rolleiflex camera and a continuous light source while the model (Jean Shrimpton) did everything herself, as there was no make-up artist or hairstylist at the initial shoot.

Jean, Shrimpton, vogue, 1963, David, Bailey

Jean Shrimpton captured by photographer David Bailey

Fashion photographers often have their creativity taken for granted. Since the beginning, fashion photography has had to work hard to prove it is just as valid and legitimate an art form as any other type of photography. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of Bailey’s work or just looking for some inspiration. This video serves as a great reminder that how you interact with your subjects and getting the most out of your time is often more important than the type of equipment you’re using.

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