How the First Ever Image of a Black Hole Was Made

Everything you’ve ever heard about this phenomenon right from your childhood all of a sudden becomes hard fact. We’re talking about the first-ever image of a black hole:

It took 10 years of planning, involving more than 200 scientists from across the globe and 50 million dollars in funding. For the astrophysicists that were involved in the program, this is the discovery of a lifetime.

the first ever image of a black hole

Photo of a Black Hole

With the data from all sources ready, the imaging team moved in to run their algorithms. One consistent image came through—one that revealed a bright shiny circle of light with a black hole in the center. It’s the image of a black hole in the distant galaxy M87. It’s indeed a moment of truth for those involved in the process.

For those who grew up reading science fiction, this is a true fanboy and fangirl moment. Sort of. For others, the image is breathtaking–to say the least!

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  1. Michael says:

    Such a shame that my 100-400mm isn’t going to cut the cake.

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