How Photographing the Milky Way Changes You

Sometimes, the process of photographing something can be an inspiration in itself. But the end result may be way too awe-inspiring to be expressed just through mere words. Guess, that’s why some nature photographers prefer to speak with their images instead. This video is yet another attempt at capturing one of those moments of truth—a realization that we, humans, are a mere speck in this vastness that is the universe:

Armed with a Sony A7S, a Sony a6000, a Canon EOS 6D, and a Fuji X-T1 along with a bunch of lenses, photographers Ian Norman and Diana Southern headed out to Joshua Tree National Park in California to shoot what should have been yet another venture to capture the Milky Way. Instead they got more than what they had ventured out for—a realization that’s eye-opening.

An amazing perspective of the Universe
Photographing the Milky Way
Nature photography inspiration
Tips on Milky Way photography

Norman sums it up when he says,

“When you finally see it on the LCD you realize that that hazy cloud of stars you are staring at is actually a whole galaxy. And then you look back up at the sky at the real thing and you realize just how enormous it is. And that’s the moment that allows you to see it all with your own eyes. It puts into perspective how small and tiny and precious we are on our short time on this little rock slowly spinning through space and there’s nothing else like it.”

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