How Much Does a Professional Food Photographer Eat?

Ever wonder what it would be like to be a food photographer for a top-end magazine? Spending a week in the life of food photographer Alex Lau might give you a taste of what’s involved. Just beware, you might gain a few pounds just watching it:

Food photography is something just about everyone with a cell phone does these days, but few people get paid to do it. To get the job, Lau started out as an intern at a major food magazine and then spent a fair amount of time going from restaurant to restaurant on his own, building up his portfolio. Once he felt his portfolio was ready he applied, and voila, he’s got a dream job.

“I get to eat, travel, and photograph things for a living. What more could I ask for?”

Alex Lau food photography

If you love food, this might very be your dream job. Just make sure you’ve got some way to burn off all of those calories!

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