How Does a Digital Camera Work?

EngineerGuy recently published a book titled, Eight Amazing Engineering Stories, and it just so happens that one of those amazing engineering feats belongs in the world of photography. In the video tutorial version of the book, Bill Hammack from the University of Illinois takes apart a Canon A80 to expose its CCD, or charge coupled device. He then takes us on a scientific journey detailing exactly how the the CCD and camera work to create our photos. Watch the short, informational video here:

Hammack does a fine job at describing how the CCD works to capture and relay pixel data to the camera’s memory system. We’ll avoid redundancy here by leaving it to him, so be sure to watch the entire clip. It’s interesting knowing how the sensors work.

how does a camera work

Taking into consideration the how much data our cameras are capable of capturing and all the steps the electronics make to process it into an image, it really makes you appreciate the quickness with which our digital cameras make a photograph.

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  1. The author’s explanation was extremely educational. Thanks for the article.

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