How Do You Become a Professional Photographer?

Gregory Heisler is well known for his work as a presidential photographer, more notably being taking a controversial portrait of George Bush which caused Heisler’s privileges as a White House photographer to be revoked. Listen as Heisler shares his insights on being a professional photographer:

One of the main talking points Heisler discusses is how much the industry is changing for professional photographers. There is a lot of talk about how difficult it is to turn pro in the modern world, but as Heisler points out, this was never an easy task. He says he was never destined to have the same career as his predecessors, just as the emerging talent of today’s world will never have the same career he has had.

In just five minutes, Heisler shares a multitude of invaluable advice that most photographers will only gain from experience.

professional photographer advice

“The biggest mistake I made in business is just that I didn’t ever really appreciate how much it’s a relationship based business. I actually thought photography was more of an meritocracy where if your pictures are good, that’s all that matters. And I was wrong.”

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