How a Sony World Photography Award Winner Captures Her Wet Dog Photos

A dog’s bath time can be a pretty stressful experience—for both the dog and the owner. In her Wet Dog portrait series, photographer Sophie Gamand forgets about the human stresses involved and really connects with her animal subjects as they are caught in this vulnerable moment. Gamand’s images show the true emotions each dog goes through as he or she is left soaked, dripping, and soggy:

For this photo shoot, Gamand teams up with pet stylist Ruben Santana to capture the best moments of doggy bath time. Both the photographer and stylist share a love for pets, which has brought them together to collaborate on many similar projects. This fun little video shows how Gamand and Santana work together to get the perfect shots portraying each dog’s unique personality, ranging from quirky to sullen and often adorable.


Gamand’s photos capture each dog’s personality.

On the day of this shoot, Gamand uses a Sony a99 to provide the clear, crisp images and really get up close with the dogs.


Gamand is working on a book of wet dog photography.

Recently, Gamand won the 2014 Sony World Photography Award in Portraiture for her Wet Dog series. She also has a book of her wet dog portraits coming out in the Fall of 2015.

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