High-Speed Camera Captures Goshawk Grabbing Water Balloon

Creating high impact, slow motion videos is not only fun, it can also teach viewers a few things. The guys over at Earth Unplugged have put together an amazing slow-mo video of a goshawk hunting. While not the ideal prey for such a powerful bird, watching a goshawk destroy a water balloon in slow motion really gets the point across that these birds of prey are beautiful, yet deadly, creatures:

This precision flying bird, often dubbed the “cheetah of the sky”, attacks a water balloon while being filmed at 4000 and 5000 frames per second. At 5000 fps, you can really see the detail, even though the video loses a little resolution going up that high.

goshawk hunting

Make sure you watch the video to get the full impact. The detail of the goshawk and the balloon exploding is incredible!

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